Today, in the Mediterranean area, France, Italy, Spain and Greece, are responsible of approximately 90% of generation of toxic waste. For this reason, it is important to gather efforts in this area and carry out actions to support sustainable consumption and production patterns in industrial areas, key areas to control contamination in the Med Area.

ECO-SCP-MED project is a 18-month project which aims at ensuring sustainability across the supply chain of the main products and services in the MED area. Its cornerstone is raising knowledge on SCP (Sustainable Consumption and Production) and fostering eco-innovation and competitiveness through transnational cooperation and especially through the CAPITALIZATION of main achievements, activities and cooperation practices already developed in the Mediterranean space.

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ECO-SCP Toolkit integrates more than twenty different outputs in suitable and easy-to-apply tools, strengthening in this way their capacity to pursue the sustainable management of industrial areas, sustainable management of industrial processes, and sustainability of products and services both at operational and policy level. Visit the related section to learn more!